A Story of Our Souls : A Story of Our Souls: Remembering Love




A new updated version of A Story of Our Souls is an adult story book with pictures, that gives a different perspective on why we might be here, where we might have come from and who may be running the show.

This book encapsulates some Quantum Physics, Science, a little Fiction with Truth woven through out. Written from a different perspective that is beyond the linear or logical mind into one of possibility.

If you have been feeling that there is more to life, an emptiness or not sure what your Soul is, then you will love this book.

Deep from the Cosmos, your Soul is calling you and wants you to remember that Love is the theme, you are the magic and yes, dreams can come true.

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Jodi has done a great job building the picture of being HUman in an energetic world. She makes it easy to understand how things work and how you fit into the Multiverse. Her images are so beautiful you can find yourself staring at them for minutes on end!
– Kare

After reading Jodi’s book, I got to understand more of the meaning of ascension, DNA activation, the Soul and how this all fits t together. It is a very compelling book that leaves one open to do their own investigation. Definitely opened my eyes and mind. I feel more awakened after reading this thought provoking book For a difficult subject to write about, she made it easy for me to connect the dots. Thx Jodi for making this reader friendly, as you helped expand the borders of my tent big time, while recognizing there is more than meets the eye.
– David

The soul is an energy that’s not talked or even thought about that much. We pretty much have an awareness that we all have one, but don’t focus too much on its’ condition or origin. The Story of Our Souls explores an evolution of the soul and offers a perspective of reality that will incite one’s curiosity and questioning “what if…” some of this is true. Be prepared for a journey down some rabbit holes with a little quantum theory added for a mysterious, thought provoking, and wonderfully engaging read. Remember, the Matrix was a documentary!
– Gary

Wow! I loved your book! This book takes the mind to places never before entered, at least by me. For me it was finally the lessons you have been teaching me, and your introduction to investing in my journey through one of your listed Practitioners.  I am working on finding my vibrational energy and starting to work through my 3D delusions. I especially love the use of the “Avatar” descriptor to explain energy, frequencies which for many are just imaginary concepts that one cannot fully put into perspective until now.   I love that “avatars” are simply different skins of our choice … your explanation on the DNA strands makes sense now. Thanks Jodi for the great eye opener and much food for thought.
– Ruth

Jodi explains so well, how our energies were compromised and what we have to do to return to Love, the only pure energy. This book helped me to understand so much in my life. As a Healer, it totally explained the ability of a Human to be suffering with physical pain, which cannot be explained or released, UNTIL……the pain is found to be the pain of that Human’s mother or grandmother. A must read for anyone who is trying to become AWARE and for those (like me) who have blundered towards that trail already.
– Vivienne

I am reading your book and loved it. I so admire the way you have jumped into the complex nature of the soul and reality, and how you paint a picture that people can visualize in their own imagination and share your journey through your own truth This takes enormous courage to do, and for that you have my undying admiration. You are very creative and are able to create word pictures so well. Thank you for your efforts and I am a big fan.
–  Colin

I found Jodi’s book to be a captivating, story book adventure. Jodi has obviously put much thought and application into presenting  an easy to read  narrative of our progression through life from the  soul’s perspective . It  contains many interesting twists and turns, and weavings of the trials and tribulations we encounter from birth to death. It certainly is a repository of intriguing perceptions which invites questioning and re-evaluation of constructs and possibilities in our own, individual  lives. Enjoyable and fascinating read. Thanks Jodi.
–  Katya

We all live in a story created by our vibration. Jodi Burkes Book displays in a very colorful way, an unraveling of Humanity on planet earth. Enlightening and thought provoking, A story of our souls brings the reader to a new level of awareness and understanding of the multifaceted experience that living on earth offers. A touch of humour is peppered through out a frank and direct timeline of events leading the reader down the rabbit hole of history from a much needed new and fresh perspective breaking free from typical dogmatic controlled literature that has kept the masses suppressed for far to long. I applaud Ms. Burke for her refreshing prose. Bringing darkness into light has never been easy. Ms. Burkes narrative helps lighten the otherwise dismal perspectives that have been the norm of this planet for far too long. Thank you!
– Anita

I loved Jodi’s book for a couple of reasons: I love the depth with she poured her heart out in her true spiritual goddess self by exposing the spiritual aspects of the new sciences that are large part of the new earth wisdom. Jodi combines her brilliant writing style with passion for quantum physics and the goddess mindset / energy. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to step into a higher level of spiritual awakening and wisdom.
– Rocky


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